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Long lines, lots of people and unorganized shelves can turn an otherwise cheerful fashionista into fashionable grouch (which IS NOT cute ladies)! Why shop brick and mortar when you can go to one of the web’s best one stop shop for all things fabulous. In the beginning, I had qualms about shopping online but that was before I discovered (special shout outs to Project Runway). Initially, I thought it was yet another over promoted,overly priced dot com site where the selections were bland and the items were bleak. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I found some of the cutest items too!

For example, don’t you just love it when you find beautifully crafted pieces that allow you to have a little fun…or a little versatility with an ensemble? More importantly don’t you take notice and absolutely love the websites that feature such pieces? On, I saw this C U T E convertible circle cardigan and instantly fell in-love.
Convertible Cardigan 
First of all it can be worn in 5 (count them….5) different looks, secondly it’s offered in all of my favorite colours (black, grey & purple) and it’s definitely pocket friendly (where else are you going to spend less than $160.00 on a new item that can be worn 5 different ways…)!

….me neither honey!!!!
Equally as amazing and just when I thought had topped itself, I found myself engulfed by the site once more as my eyes fell upon the most charming piece of jewelry I’d seen in a while!
Cutest Cocktail Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane
Instantly picturing the piece with more than a few items in my closet, I scurried to add the item to my bluefly shopping bag for immediate purchase!

Some of the other notable mentions also include
Chocolate fade slim sunglasses   By Cole Haan
style #309478001 chocolate fade slim rectangular sunglasses
Micheal Kors Vanilla Leather Studded belt bag   By Michael Kors
style #306522602 vanilla faux leather belt with studded belt bag
and my favorite and by Marc by Marc Jacobs………..


Makes you excited doesn’t it?? I knoooooow!!   


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