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For most people the term shopaholic is usually indicative of a person (usually a woman) who for no other reason than just because, likes to spend money. Not only does she like to spend money, she likes to spend money on things she doesn’t need. Things she’ll never wear, never use …things she buys just to take up space! Many people have gone as far as saying that the shopaholic buys things to overcompensate for some emotional nourishment she hadn’t received as a child!

AS IF!!!!!!!

Quite the contrary.  You see, despite what you’ve heard or what you were misguided to think, shopaholic embody all that is pure all that is gentle and all that is kind in the world. The shopaholic is more than a woman (man) who has a distinct appreciation for all things “pretty and purchaseable”.  This individual is more than someone who’s sleeping patterns are interrupted due to her continuously wandering of her eyes that always seems to find something that “she’s just gotta have”! She’s more than someone who can consistency spew off  her charge card number(including those on the back, which she’s conveniently memorized) to either the cute little sales clerk at one of her (many) favorite stores or to the shopping bag on one of her (many) favorite websites.

She’s more than just the woman who can always find something that goes with anything in her closet.

To the shopaholic, every item, big or small has a purpose!  She believes every item deserves a place it can call  home (ie..a wardrobe), or a place where it can be called home. She understands and practices the idea that regardless of its origin or its beginnings, every item can go on to become a success!  In her mind none of them should be discarded because none of them are trash but treasure .  Where would your ensemble be with out the inclusiveness of an accessory?

3-carat-diamond-ring a la

Most importantly where would the accessory be without a nice family (ie ensemble) to belong to?

What happens to your outfit if you didn’t complement it with the right bolero……

bolero-jacket a la

Where would the bolero be without the support of the rest of the outfit?

The shopaholic is always looking at the bigger picture..for ways to make this world a better one.

and all in all,  despite society’s misunderstood opinion of her, she knows her purpose.

Shopping is her calling, her destiny, her absolute mission in life!

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