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It goes without saying that it’s that time again! The time of the year when everyone from Writers, to Stylists to Designers are especially AMPED up for all things fashionable!!!

New Shows, New Styles, New Creations ….for those of us who love fashion, there’s no denying the steady flow of adrenaline that pump through your veins during the Fall Season.

Now add to that, that  EXTRA kick you get when you come across even more excitement…..


This is how this Fashionista felt when I was fortunate enough to lay eyes on this Seasons’ Tokyo Girls Collection. Not new to the world of Fashion, but always the innovator, this years collection did not disappoint.

 Japanese fashion, to me, has always represented a sense of innocence and fun. The runway shows always come across like youthful theatrical extravaganzas!

The use of vibrant colors,


 animated showmanship,

and fashion that’s just to die for,

 consistently leaves the viewer in a pleasurably covetous mood. Also featuring international brands,  ( ie TOP SHOP )

the presentation is breathtakingly marvelous, leaving the

viewers longing for more!

Take the time to check’em out at 

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