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Forever the individual, I’m always on the lookout for fashion style that immediately grabs my attention! Maybe it’s the inner rebel in me but, it doesn’t matter how unconventional or how unusual looking the look may be,

 if it doesn’t scream DAMN!!!!

(whether it is used in a good or bad way)

 I’m easily bored!

This is one of the reasons I love to watch the VMA’s infact, for THIS YEARS show, the fashion it turned out to be the ONLY reason I watched!!

Of course you had the expected and always entertaining Lady GaGa who never fails to disappoint. Her daring, in your face style, has a knack for propelling an otherwise uneventful ocassion into total maximum overdrive.


The always lovely Ciara took a bold risk this tine and took a page out of  Le’ Gaga’s handbook. Deciding to use nothing but feathers to keep her (bum) warm, one can only dream of having the physique she has to pull it off…..go girl!!!


Then you have Flirty Dirty Kesha, sporting what can only be called “Canne of Garba’ge Couture”. This  was a hit with the crowd as well as myself.


Other notable scene stealers include….

California girl Katy Perry wowed us in an ICE SKATE PRINCESS PERFECTION number..

















New MTV Twitter Jockey Gabi Gregg, rocked her feisty animal printed number.


Again if you’ve got the figure to pull it off…………………….work it!

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