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It’s been known for weeks now that fashion magazine and  industry leader Elle would  feature the beautiful and talented Gabourey Sidibe in it’s 25th anniversary issue. The actress, who wowed us all in her first major film role Precious, is set to star in the Showtime series The Big C. She’s also nabbed the role of bully Latonya in the upcoming Yelling to the Sky (which is so not the type of person she is in person) movie

That being said………………. 

I find myself a little disturbed and a tad bit disappointed.

Let me clarify,

I find myself a little disturbed and disappointed with the cover shot ELLE  chose for her! Gabourey is a fabulously full- figured woman with dark chocolate skin and an infectious smile, yet when I look at the cover, I can’t help but feel as though the light she so often exudes, seemed a little …….stifled?

Elle’s 25th anniversary celebratory issue (which has 3 other covers to choose from), features a smiling cropped shot of Gabby, leaving her fans and Elle readers (especially their fuller figured reader) wanting to see more. I mean …who is she wearing? What is she wearing? Can readers see themselves in the garment? This is a YOUNG vivacous startlett where’s the rest of the shine?!?!

It’s kind of hard to relate to an image (which has always been THE argument behind not using certain women in magazines) when you can’t see the whole picture! Or does Elle not want its covergirl to be relatable?

 Maybe I’m reading to much into it but, I can’t help but notice the missed opportunity Elle had with their cover.

Just a thought!

Here are some other magazine covers featuring  curvaceous women that could have been “referenced” in the editing room…..ironically one is French ELLE and the cover is beautiful!!!

French Elle

Queen Latifah in Upscale

Plus Model Magazine

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