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If you were like I was last summer, you cleared your schedule every Thursday between 9-10 pm CST so that you could watch Bravo’s Fashion Extravagaaaaaaaanza, The Fashion Show. Every week you watched in anticipation to see who would rise to the occasion (for all to witness during their own mini fashion show) and, who would crash and burn, eventually finding themselves packing and going home. What I found especially fun to watch was the contestant you just KNEW would say or do something that would just tickle you to no end. 

For The Fashion Show that person was none other than Reco!

Don’t get it twisted despite the sarcastic yet incredibly amusing rolled eyes and side comments, Mr Chapple was also a very talented force to be reckoned with on the show! Every week his (also very talented) competition would sweat bullets because they knew he would pull something completely fabulous out of (what seemed like) no where in 2.2 seconds flat!

 Leaving them to ponder their own fates….

But back to Reco.

Essence Magazine caught up with the Chattanooga designer who’s just as busy as ever (he debuted his Spring 2011 Collection during New York Fashion Week)

and from the looks of things…..his collection’s got Feminine Funk down to a science.

Go to for more!!

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