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Talk about a passion for fashion!

The always flavorful fashion house Desigual recently opened its Soho doors to an influx of undergarment exposers on this past Thursday. For what seemed liked miles, BVD’s, G-strings, granny panties, boxer, briefs and bras penetrated the sidewalk in anticipation of the store’s opening. Obviously worth it to most (100 people received free 2 pieced outfits), and almost worth it to others (the other 100 received 50% off discounts) the only thing more interesting than watching people in their underwear on the streets of New York is Desigual’s line of apparel.

Inspired by a Latin essence, Desigual’s line adds the use if bright colors, prints & fun flirty creations to create an exciting illusion that apparently releases the inhibitions of even the most conservative fashionista.

Check out their line to see what all the hype is about.

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