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Popular womens’ magazine Marie Clare featured an article by freelance blogger, Maura Kelly titled ” Should “Fatties” Get a Room” (Even on TV?). Apparently, Ms. Kelly’s editor inquired about whether or not watching overweight people  makeout on television(see CNN article on Mike & Molly )  made her “uncomfortable”.

Without fail, the loaded question prompted Kelly to spew what can only be viewed as, an unnecessary regurgitation of hate. Apparently the display of love towards one’s mate is too much for Maura, when the two don’t fit certain visual standards. Infact, according to the author, the mere idea of having to watch these same type of people live their lives (GOD FORBID) is just toooooo much for her to handle!

Yet, they are the problem with America?!?!


You can read more on the article here Maura Kelly

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