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Always on the look out for something innovative, I’m always impressed at the amount of talent that can be discovered in other parts of the world. Being American, I still can’t help but feel drawn to the aesthetics possessed by some of my foreign fashionistas. It seems as though, just when I think I’ve seen it, felt it or experienced it all (in a fashion sense) I stumble on talent that seems to reinvigorate the simplification of beauty that for me, is the foundation of fashion.

This year Arise Magazine

will host its first fashion show featuring some of the most talent African Designers on the planet. Fashion houses

House of Nwocha, Kiki Kamanu, House of Farrah & Viv La Resistance

have already hit the runway and shown fashion that is incredibly vibrant, beautiful constructed and deliciously creative

and that’s just day one!
I’m very excited and I’m anxiously waiting to see what’s next….


P.S I’m also thankful for the proverbial lightening of fire under American Fashion’s ass!!

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