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‘Especially in this economy.

I don’t know about you but, considering how the prices continue to rise at the pump, the idea of the BMX replacing the BMW, isn’t all that far-fetched. In fact the last time I went to the pump, I was left with the agonizing feeling that I’d been played worse than

Von Wafer

in this week’s game. What’s worse is the fact that the guy next door had no problem “sharing” how he came to the realization that when you compare our different modes of transportation, his approach would clearly leave one of us with more money to spend shopping!In fact, the more we talked about it, the more attractive the guy ….errrr I mean the IDEA became!

Ladies… it’s time to look at this from a different perspective. What better way to this than by looking at it from a shopaholic’s pont of view. I checked out a online shoppe called  MainLine Menswear and it features apparel guaranteed to compliment any guy. The fashion is  hot, so not only can you pick up something fly to compliment his eco friendly swag ( Goi goi ), there’s also a contest for an opportunity to upgrade his current “ride”.

Mainline Menswear

You got to hurry though the contest expires April 15 2011.

Check it out

Gio Goi BMX Promo on Youtube

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