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Webster describes wavy as “unsteady or wavering” . At first thought the very definition (of the word) indicates an unstable,  unpredictable or just down right “wishy-washy” sort of existence, so when you  attach it to most things it can come across as a little unappealing.

Then again……

When you tilt your head slightly to the left, squint your right eye and frown a little bit —-in other words when you look at it differently— you discover a beauty hidden deep within the crevices of the waving entity!!

When I think of waves, I think of something that at first glance comes across as extremely subtle, but after allowing myself to follow its direction,  I realize that it’s much, much more… I’ve discovered that I’ve been surprisingly led down a purposely led, beautifully crafted journey!

and I never saw it coming!

What about you??

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Big Waves

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