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“Harley Davidson”, “Miller Beer”, “Cheesehead”, “Go Pack Go”….. ask anyone what they know about Wisconsin and I guarantee you their minds immediately go to one of those images!  It’s as if somewhere someone started this awful rumor that all Wisconsinites do is  drive around on their  Harley’s drunk off of Brewskies and wearing those god-awful cheeseheads!!!

Don’t get me wrong I have been known to “bust a move” during a Party ……

No not quite like this…..









More like  this ……………..

but hey, at least I’m not sporting  a cheesehead! I do have standards!!

What I wanted to share with my readers is something else Wisconsin is vastly becoming known for, and that’s fashion!!

You read it right, WISCONSIN has it’s eyes on Fashion!!!

Thriving in ways fitting of  big city shows, a variety of fashion creativity has been seen all over the state. This year especially, it seems as if  there has been a creative awakening in Brew City all by itself. In fact, just recently some of Milwaukee’s finest participated  in a 3 day fashion extravaganza . From creative networking to boutique exploration to runway readiness, an exciting appreciation for all things wearable, was had by all.

Interested in seeing more that Wisconsin has to offer?

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