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There’s nothing like seeing someone else’s vision through the eyes of a camera, especially when that camera is part of a fashion photo shoot. First of all, you have the set designers who make sure details like the right lighting, the perfect background and the all important  location, come together to create a scenery of perfection. Then you have the model whose role in the picture, is to interpret the environment in ways that eagerly entertain the eyes of the camera. Not to mention, with the help of fashion editor/designer, the model uses a variety of movements and/or poses that DRAW you in to the image. Finally, you realize the all important role of the photographer who, through what seems to be DIVINE INTERVENTION, manages to combine, capture AND communicate a cohesive image provoking inspiration that exists in even the most dormant of creative types.

But then again…………..maybe that’s just me!

Nonetheless I enjoyed the beautiful prints I saw at
CS Ermon Model and Talent Agency

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What say my readers?

Model: Victoria
Stylist: Christina
Photographer : Femi photography (Marcus Fizer)
Designer: Petrina Vinson

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