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Unless you’re the proverbial robot, you always have days where you feel less than cheerful. Whether it’s a breakup with your boyfriend, a bad day at the office or even a stressed out day at school (Junior/High school is a b*tch, trust me I know), we all have days when we simply must utilize the right to feel a little bit of sadness (it happens from TIME TO TIME *WINK*). My suggestion? Embrace it, Channel it into a something fashionably fierce (positive)…then Keep It Moving!!!!

Blues Hues

Tibi metallic top
$481 –

Knit tube top
$17 –

Jane Norman sparkly shirt
16 –

Mango slimming top
13 –

Flare pants
$22 –

Skinny leg jeans
$21 –

Elie Saab cuffed shorts
$426 –

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel pumps
$595 –

Vivienne Westwood crossbody handbag
260 –

Blu Bijoux beading bracelet
$45 –

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