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There’s nothing worse than to have your body crash in the middle of the work day. You want to stay awake, but last night’s entertainment became a little to enjoyable! In those instances you ever have a moment (in your day) when instead of eating lunch or chit chatting with friends, you’d rather take a quick nap in your car or (God forbid) in the break room? Of course you know you can’t get too comfortable (and please don’t get caught snoring), but you know you have to catch some zzzzz’s any way you can at the moment.

Ever stop to think about what would be the best ensemble to wear while you do it???

Talk about something to sleep on !

Fashion to sleep on.....


Chiffon top
$15 –

McQ by Alexander McQueen cotton blazer
195 –

$368 –

By Malene Birger lace skirt
1.599 DKK –

Irwin Jordan short mini skirt
$370 –

Rosamosario lace camisole
$345 –

$6.80 –

Alexander McQueen peep toe pumps
$641 –

All Black wingtip oxford
$148 –

Volcom hobo shoulder bag
$50 –

Anita Ko butterfly earrings
$7,920 –

EFFY COLLECTION stud earrings
$550 –

Fashionphile – Prada Leather Chain Hobo
$140 –

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