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So a couple of friends and I finally got around to seeing “Breaking Dawn” the other night. While anxiously awaiting for the midnight showing to start, we thought it would make sense to sit in the theatre’s cafe and get a little Java injected into our veins. As we took  off our coats it literally took all of  10 seconds to realize much one of my friends really needed to get out

……this poor child was still wearing her damn Scrubs!!!!

Now I know she isn’t the only person in the health profession to do this but c’mon man really?????? ..they weren’t even cute!

So you know I had to do a little shopping to help my homie out!  Surprisingly, I ran across a site that I think takes the whole scrub-look to “scrub-chic”! Scrub Tops , Scrub pants even those little scrub hats all the doctor’s wear are adorable.

All she would need is her own  McDreamy/Mcsteamy

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and she’s all  goooooood!

Finally somebody gets it!!!!

Who knew!!

What do you guys think?

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