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Ruchingdiva's Blog

Ok seriously, don’t you hate it when you’ve made an online purchase but for some reason when you want to track the order, you can’t even locate it?  Oh and let’s not forget the ridiculously crazy shipping charges (8 bucks for a 12.00 shirt ?? c’mon !!!!) talk about your shopping frustrations !!! What’s supposed to be an easier hassle free day at the online mall ends up being a big ole crappy experience!!

This weekend I was reminded of how badly my family and I needed winter wear. I know some of you are questioning why I waited so late but, in my defense, those of us nearest to the middle part of the Canadian border had more of a SPR-INTER than an actual Winter. It had gone on for more than 2 months and I just ASS -umed  (I’m a big girl and can admit it !!!) this would last…

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