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Strong statement I know, however I couldn’t think of a way to put it that would convey the emotional response I felt when my eyes laid upon them (excuse my language)!!!

So what’s the deal with this shoe you ask? Well when I first heard about them I thought to myself “If they are so ugly why are they getting so much attention” then I had a flashback. Remember Croc’s , sure you do because many of you are still wearing them around the house, to the beach…some of you have the nerve to come into the workplace with them on……

ImageNonetheless, the confusion associated with the Crocs would subside, I mean after all with all that’s going on in the world, you have to find a little comfort somewhere right?


NOT SO FAST!!!! Now, I haven’t hit the (BS) button but, with the increased popularity of the soon-to-be guilty pleasure that is the  Skele-Toes, something tells me I definitely need to keep it on standby. The shoe (a Fila Sport brand) is described as a flexible, form-fitting, slip on that guarantees a pleasant compromise for the person who doesn’t want to deal with the constraint of a typical shoe but wants to maintain a level of outdoor activity that requires some “podia-protection”.

As a creative-type, I can definitely appreciate the creative team’s concept, the interesting execution (peep the toe slots!!) and sales strategy surrounding this item, however, something tells me an obscene amount of  fashion abuse (one that will reach cataclysmic proportions) is positioning to rear its ugly head AGAIN…

so be prepared, this will be your only warning!

What say my readers????

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