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For most, the end of August represents the end of a something. Although it officially ends in September, the end of summer (or Summer vacation) usually coincides with the beginning of the new school year. In fact, stores all over the country temporarily position their manpower (by increasing work hours) in anticipation of mothers, fathers and school-aged students who frantically search for the most current in school clothing and supplies. For a different batch of scholastic devotees though, the end of August presents an excitement of a different type. You see for the avid football fan, the anticipation surrounding August 2012 is a more significant one . It marks the beginning of the College Football Season and although there are only a handful of games, football addicts all over the world get serious about supporting their favorite teams. If you compare the back to school shopping season and to this one , the significant difference between the shopping experiences is that unlike their younger counterparts, shopping for current gear is a lot harder to do at the regular retail shops. Although it’s frustrating to some (a godsend to others), you’ll be hard pressed to find a  specialty store in your area that offers everything you need or a campus bookstore that’s well stocked alld the time.

Your best bet is to find your team’s online store.

Take Alabama Crimson fans for example, their online store goes wayyyyyy beyond your typical Alabama Apparel . Sure you can pick up the obvious University Of Alabama Shirts  or hoodies but, their fans can show pride rocking ties, earrings and I swear I even saw a toaster!!!



My motto is better to have it an not need it than to need (or WANT) it and not have it so I know if I take this route, it would be hard for me to be disappointed. One thing is for sure,  the only thing that is more important to a fan than showing their team spirit is finding surefire ways to display the pride they have in their teams as.

Why not discover the possibilities and visit your team’s online merchandise website as well?

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