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Imagine being a designer and finding out by chance that one of the most influential, most watched people in the world is not only a fan of your work, but an actual wearer of your work? One can only wish for an opportunity like this but Atlanta born designer Wes Gordon actually had it happen recently. The 25 yr old designer who has a knack for impeccable tailoring, was given an opportunity to take advantage of one two of the most coveted internships when he was chosen to shadow both Oscar De la Renta and Tom Ford. Getting a front row glance at how to produce greatness, it’s no wonder that The First Lady became smitten with one of his pieces.

“I’m literally sitting there looking at Twitter on my phone, and I see a tweet that’s like, ‘Michelle Obama in a metallic jacket and leather leggings,’ ” recalls Gordon. “And it sounds so cool. So I click on it, and it was my jacket,” he says.

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