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I love being a lady, what other human being on the planet can exude both the enthusiasm of the excitement and the softness in love? Taking pieces that promote the bold colour trend of the summer I wanted to play around with pieces that, when subtly combined, would set ablaze fashion cohesion to die for.

Romantic Enthusiasm - Redo!!

Jay Godfrey color block dress
$368 –

Lauren Conrad sweater
$38 –

White Label mini shorts
£10 –

JustFabulous platform pumps
$60 –

Shoulder handbag
$53 –

Vivienne Westwood enamel jewelry
$270 –

Andrew Hamilton Crawford chain jewelry
$198 –

Swarovski neon necklace
$85 –

Pink jewelry
$32 –

Dorothy Perkins pink waist belt
$5 –

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