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If you’re like almost any other women in the world, chances are that you’ve found a body part that you (on a daily basis) simply HAVE to critique!!!! Now, I won’t bore your with all the possible psychological reasons behind doing this but I will do my best to offer a fashionably trendy resolution to the few of you ok?

Unlike the young lady above, my problem area and the area irks me to no end are my dreaded arms! More particularly that ever hard to get rid of (or control of) tricep area !!! For the “anatomically literate” readers, you already know where that area is, however, for the  those that DO NOT KNOW please note…….

Now that you’ve seen the visual, I’m sure many of you can identify with how frustrating it is to want to wear something incredibly cute, incredibly comfortable and something seasonally appropriate but have that nagging worry about concerning your “bolos” (my Enter The Dragon Fans know what I’m talking about).

Well no need to fret, I saw the cutest piece at Lane Bryant the other day.

AND when I added a cute (black or fuschia) camisole,

a cute pair of (demin) capris (I picked up these from Kohl’s)

Simply Vera Wang

Simply Vera Wang

and of course, a hot pair of matching wedges (to complete the look)

Bohemian wedge I saw on Ebay

Bohemian wedge I saw on Ebay

Gaetano Perrone Fall 2012 Collection

Gaetano Perrone Fall 2012 Collection

the blouse not only became a perfectly fitting focal piece of my ensemble but it also made me the focal piece of the entire room making me the envy of the night!!!!

But that’s just my experience….feel free to create your own!


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