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Raise your hands (humor me) if this Fall’s season has you feeling really casual all of a sudden!!


Lately, this is exactly how I’ve been feeling. It’s just a little too chilly to sport those cute (yet slightly fabric deprived) pieces that are designed for summer comfort ability, but it’s not CHLLLY enough to pull out the FULL blown Eskimo gear.


Nope, not quite…… but one thing is for sure, MY CLOSET has become a very vocal entity (figuratively speaking of course) in regards to its inventory and the PRESSURE IS KILLING ME!! In it’s defense, the demands aren’t unreasonable but apparently my blazer/jacket game needs a major overhaul and it’s time to retire my sandals and flats for the Summer because it’s time to make room for a my heels!!!


So you know what ???


Time to go shopping!!!


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