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What’s that saying ? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…….(or something like that!)

When I think of all the trends out there, there is nothing that supports this theory like this whole cut-out trend! Think about it, how many times have you thrown away that loved item simply because it had a hole in it? Or at least banished the holy piece to the nether regions of your closet only for them to see daylight when you’re doing yard work of some sort!!

As I type that sentence, vivid images of fellow creative cohorts cringing in their skin Wordpress because let’s face it WE THROW NOTHING AWAY!!!!! EVER!!!! LOL


I’ve noticed an influx of some our most searched for celeb favorites sporting this look and I have to say, I am incredibly impressed. Since cutouts can appear anywhere on the garment, just about any BODY TYPE can compliment the design. From armsKim K

to legs,

Halle Berry to even the stomach area, wordpress56ImageProxy.mvc

style EYEZ all over the world are seeking out their favorite designer creations to get their piece of this lasted trend.

So what say my readers, are YOU ready to incorporate this look into your own wardrobe ??

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