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When you think cape what comes to mind? Historically, known as a CLOAK, the cape represented a sort of mystique for the wearer. Sure, it was served as practical attire for many (serving as a blanket and an outdoor garment), but it was  typically worn by individuals traveling long distances, brazing harsh elements, carrying lanterns and too often carrying  some sort of life changing news.

And it was loose fitting.

If you have an overactive imagination like I do (which I should’ve out grown a looooooooooong time ago but I digress) you think of some things like superhero, flying or God forbid, a pair of speedo’s and/or tights. While those visuals present a sort of unvanquishable trip through that good ole town I like to call…NOSTALGIA, I’m reminded that these days the cape fashionably represents something equally fun but a little less animated.

And that’s kool! I’ll take that too!

Today’s cape trend is cut a little closer to the body, has a little more colour and is worn simply for show!


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