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Taking the best of both worlds, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s marriage to the The Museum of Costume Art has to be one of the most exciting fashion events of the year. Choosing to go the less than conventional route than lets say the Oscars, fashion icons from all over the world, seem to choose this particular day to showcase some of their most daring (though incredibly innovative) style moves to date. 

This year was no exception, Image<<<—yes I did!!!!

Everything from Anne’s new platinum pixe…Image

To Miley’s spiked split ends.. Image

To Nicole’s silver strandsImage

Hair was definitely rebellion was definitely the coveted theme this year!!!!

We won’t even talk about the colossal costuming that blew through the doors!

“Mad Madge” Image

“Picky Nicki” Image

“Scare-ah Sarah” Image

and of course the Queen of them all, Never to be outdone, Never to be forgotten,  Queen of all things talented ……

Ms Beyonce !!!!

     Image <<<——Peep the damn boots!!!!!!

Yep… No matter how hard they tried, once again this year’s Met Gala event failed to disappoint! The only problem is they don’t have the Gala year round !!!

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