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You’ve purchased the membership, acquired the home equipment Image,                                                                                                                    grabbed the latest in workout fashions, Image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     stocked the pantries  workoutfood and now you have everything you need to actually implement your healthcare regimen right?


It looks like our buddies at The Forbidden Fruit… aka APPLE have thrown their hats into the fitness ring and from what I’ve heard, it’s on its way towards becoming yet another desired Apple product. Collaborating with the innovative pioneers at Misfit Wearables , Apple has unveiled a device that will make it that much easier for you to track your cardiac-intensive activities. Supposedly, the piece is completely waterproof ( you can swim down to 300 feet or sweat to your heart’s content), is shock resistant and includes a sensor that shows your current level of activity (who doesn’t need the added encouragement?). You can sync the item to your iPhone and Android-devices for tracking cycling, swimming and running distances as well. Creatively named Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor,  the device is a round medallion that can be attached to clothing or wear on the body. Marketed as a sleek, quarter-sized device that can be worn with a wrist strap, as a necklace, or with a small clip on clothing I’d say it’s time to convince the hubby it’s a must have. HC721

What say you?

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