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The fun (and frustrating to some) thing about being a creative type is that you never know which way your going to go regarding anything. If you’re anything like me, you purposely look for the  boundaries and then brazenly cross it. Why? BECAUSE YOU WANT TO and because the alternative feels like someone sitting on your neck, sucking the life right out of you!!!!

So now that I’ve created that visual let’s talk about the rules we’ve absent-mindedly created for ourselves as it relates to our own looks. Although we are pretty good at pushing the envelope, how many of us still have those looks, colors or pieces we refuse to wear simply because we don’t like the way they look on us? How many of us limit our wardrobes to things that are safe according to our own aesthetic.

For example never in a million years would I get caught in the color green. If I did wear it it was only on St. Patty’s day or at some god-awful office Christmas party (which usually meant some kind of bet was lost, but that’s another blog). Lately though, I’ve had to revisit my reasons for not wearing the color. Does it match my skin or hair color? Image Since when did I start to give a damn?  Sure you want to look good in whatever you wear, but doesn’t it start from the inside anyway?

Just a freakin’ thought!!!

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