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It’s interesting how life inspires creativity, I’m sitting here watching this Teen Beach movie with my niece and of course I’m mentally transported to the fashion in the 60’s.

Wait did this girl just pull a Kleenex out her bra to give to her crying “bro”?

Yup copy

Yep, she sure did.

Anyway, it’s a fun little movie and it reminded me of how simple fashion was. In a time when so much emphasis is place on extra low, tight and revealing, I remember a time when it was cool (or trendy) to wear shirts without darts, pants you didn’t have to constantly tug on and dresses with absolutely no peek-a-boo factor. Don’t misunderstand me, the clothes were still adorable and men and women were still beautiful, there just (I don’t know) seemed to be more of an effortless beauty during that time than there is today.

I miss that.

Get it?!?

Check out the movie when you can I enjoyed it and you will too.



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