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If your like me, you’re about one purchase away from developing a hoarding addiction. Seriously, I swear I try to make use for everything in my home, so when I saw this I thought…..brilliant!

Let’s begin…..

Have you ever purchased one of these?


I know I have but when I’ve used all the c.d’s I’m usually left with this.

1Of course the borderline packrat in me says “I can use this for something”

Then it hit me.


My sewing machine! For months I’ve now I’ve found myself frustrated with the fact that the typical sewing spool just doesn’t seem to last through my many sewing projects and I couldn’t figure out how to remedy that until now!

In 3 easy steps here’s what you need….

1) Empty CD thingy (I believe it’s called a spindle)

2) A tall spool of thread (your choice of colour)

3) Your sewing machine (I’m pretty sure this works with all brands)

Step 1

Place your spool of thread on the empty CD spindle.


Step 2

Position your spindle (with your thread on it) where you want. I put mine on top of my sewing case.


Step 3

Thread your machine as normal 3

… as normal and let the efficiency begin!

Pocket friendly, cost-effective and you’ve saved yourself time with your projects (eliminating delays having to re-thread your machine)!!!

Perfect right?!!!

Happy Sewing!


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