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superbowlSo let me first start of by saying I am in no way shape or form an expert on anything football related. I do however, enjoy the energy that surrounds a good football game particularly when it comes to the  game of all games aka the Superbowl !!

My favorite part of it all  (after the wings) would have to be, the commercials.  Every year the best of the best look for ways to influence their target market’s (or their kids ala #JustinBieber) interest in their product. The formula usually goes like this…

Trend + talent + most watched commercial space = what “SHOULD” be a win for anyone looking to sell product.

But how often does it work?  Do you find that your more than likely to buy the product AFTER seeing the commercial during the Superbowl? This year’s Honda commercial  (with the talking yearbook pics) really resonated with me message-wise (#inspiration).

Considering there’s a new driver in my home and I’m in the market to buy…my interest is officially piqued!

What about any of my readers. What commercial left a buying impression on you? Did the half-time performance do anything for you?

Let me know!




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