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So how many of you are excited about this year’s Super Bowl event? If you’re like me, the ads probably have you more excited than the actual game itself so you’re evening is definitely on lock tonight.

How many of you are ThisIsUs fans like I am?

If so, then you know tonight’s THEE night! You know the night IT happens! THAT moment that all of us have been eager to see (because we’re masochists). Right after tonight’s Patriot/Eagles showdown, we get a Pearson family treat that unlike other SuperBowl years, will have ALL OF US talking about last night’s event at the water cooler in the morning.

Sounds like the perfect night right? Wrong!!!!

Let me explain.

Today’s festivities usually include lots of food, family, fans and/or friends. A lot of us are hosting which means, we got up with the sun cleaning, cooking and preparing for the celebration. Add to that, the fact that we’re still dealing with the Winter curse of limited daylight (you know when it’s only 5:30, but it looks and feels like it’s 8pm). We won’t even talk about those of us who are on the East Coast!!!

My point is, some of us will struggle with staying awake long enough to watch the game, the commercials, AND ThisIsUs (not to mention the cast appearance on Jimmy Fallon on the same doggone night). As I sit here thinking (and typing) about it, I clearly understand I’m simply going to have to concede defeat either by falling asleep missing my favorite scripted show of all-time or sacrificing a good night’s sleep (much to my co-worker’s chagrin) in order to enjoy the event.

One thing is for sure, somebody else is cleaning the kitchen tonight!!!!!

Who’s staying up with me???








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I wanted to share with you all a movie I saw over the summer. While out at the mall I ran across this independent director who was promoting a movie he made about bullying.  The movie (which also features the director), takes you into the lives of 3 young men, whose different set of circumstances cause them to cross paths. Their interactions explore how issues of abuse, divorce and even peer pressure can have an effect in their lives and how each plays a key role in the direction of each of their lives.

How can we as a society properly deal with and address the issue of bullying? The movie Big Boys Don’t Cry is the catalyst many of us are looking for.  The proverbial fork in the road is a real one and many are looking for someone to help them decide which way to go. A film such as this one can help those of us in positions of influence with the foundation to get the conversation started.

Seen the movie yet? What did you guys think of it?



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superbowlSo let me first start of by saying I am in no way shape or form an expert on anything football related. I do however, enjoy the energy that surrounds a good football game particularly when it comes to the  game of all games aka the Superbowl !!

My favorite part of it all  (after the wings) would have to be, the commercials.  Every year the best of the best look for ways to influence their target market’s (or their kids ala #JustinBieber) interest in their product. The formula usually goes like this…

Trend + talent + most watched commercial space = what “SHOULD” be a win for anyone looking to sell product.

But how often does it work?  Do you find that your more than likely to buy the product AFTER seeing the commercial during the Superbowl? This year’s Honda commercial  (with the talking yearbook pics) really resonated with me message-wise (#inspiration).

Considering there’s a new driver in my home and I’m in the market to buy…my interest is officially piqued!

What about any of my readers. What commercial left a buying impression on you? Did the half-time performance do anything for you?

Let me know!



If your like me, you’re about one purchase away from developing a hoarding addiction. Seriously, I swear I try to make use for everything in my home, so when I saw this I thought…..brilliant!

Let’s begin…..

Have you ever purchased one of these?


I know I have but when I’ve used all the c.d’s I’m usually left with this.

1Of course the borderline packrat in me says “I can use this for something”

Then it hit me.


My sewing machine! For months I’ve now I’ve found myself frustrated with the fact that the typical sewing spool just doesn’t seem to last through my many sewing projects and I couldn’t figure out how to remedy that until now!

In 3 easy steps here’s what you need….

1) Empty CD thingy (I believe it’s called a spindle)

2) A tall spool of thread (your choice of colour)

3) Your sewing machine (I’m pretty sure this works with all brands)

Step 1

Place your spool of thread on the empty CD spindle.


Step 2

Position your spindle (with your thread on it) where you want. I put mine on top of my sewing case.


Step 3

Thread your machine as normal 3

… as normal and let the efficiency begin!

Pocket friendly, cost-effective and you’ve saved yourself time with your projects (eliminating delays having to re-thread your machine)!!!

Perfect right?!!!

Happy Sewing!

It’s interesting how life inspires creativity, I’m sitting here watching this Teen Beach movie with my niece and of course I’m mentally transported to the fashion in the 60’s.

Wait did this girl just pull a Kleenex out her bra to give to her crying “bro”?

Yup copy

Yep, she sure did.

Anyway, it’s a fun little movie and it reminded me of how simple fashion was. In a time when so much emphasis is place on extra low, tight and revealing, I remember a time when it was cool (or trendy) to wear shirts without darts, pants you didn’t have to constantly tug on and dresses with absolutely no peek-a-boo factor. Don’t misunderstand me, the clothes were still adorable and men and women were still beautiful, there just (I don’t know) seemed to be more of an effortless beauty during that time than there is today.

I miss that.

Get it?!?

Check out the movie when you can I enjoyed it and you will too.


It’s probably the only thing more challenging than trucking  through the snow.  Buying snow tires, purchasing thermal underwear, chopping extra wood… many of us do our best to prepare for the fluffy goodness that is snow. Anticipating everything that could possibly go wrong so that we aren’t caught off guard is something many of us have learned over time right?

Then why is it every year almost all of us are disappointed when we find that perfect boot, ( you know the one that goes perfectly with that beautiful coat-scarf-hat combo you couldn’t wait to pull out of your closet ) ONLY to realize it absolutely, positively, WILL NOT fit around your calves!!! I mean, designers make shoes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles why don’t they consider “hey since our customers ALSO come in a variety of sizes, why not accommodate them as well”??

Too much like right I guess……

The good news is,  after a little finagling, I was able to find a couple of spots that offered a “wider” yet incredibly stylish selection of footwear that was just perfect for this years wintery season.

I found the cutest boot at Shoe Carnival. The brand was called NorthSide LTD . If you go online you will see the black and gray ones I went in the store and found a cute tan colored pair.  They have a padded collar with faux fur trim with just enough Nordic knit fabric to accent. Perfect for the snow, I can’t wait to pull these bad baby’s out.

My next stop was Rue 21 and while their selection of calf-friendly footwear was a little scarce, I did manage to find a gem in the middle of their incredibly huge selection of boots I personally couldn’t squeeze my grown a** calves in. Identified as a “Double Buckle Quilted Boot” this pair has a zipper on each side (one for decoration, the other for practicality) and had just the right amount of charm to convince me to add it to my closet. I believe you can find these on their website too.

Finally, I hit up my local Payless shoe store an found a simple almost knee length riding boot that will work out just fine for me!! Despite all the slack the store gets, they can always be counted on to offer the special sizes for those of us who are well…..special! LOL

And that’s just fine by me !!!

Happy shopping Winteresses!!  Large calves rule !!!!!!






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Well it’s been a few seasons hasn’t it?  When momma Gump said “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”…she had no idea! One thing is for sure, I sure did miss you guys!!

Enough of that.

Who’s ready for Winter? Not me!  Nonetheless it sure is coming so we might as well go with the flow, stock up on the thermals and get to steppin’!!


See ya soon!!