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I wanted to share with you all a movie I saw over the summer. While out at the mall I ran across this independent director who was promoting a movie he made about bullying.  The movie (which also features the director), takes you into the lives of 3 young men, whose different set of circumstances cause them to cross paths. Their interactions explore how issues of abuse, divorce and even peer pressure can have an effect in their lives and how each plays a key role in the direction of each of their lives.

How can we as a society properly deal with and address the issue of bullying? The movie Big Boys Don’t Cry is the catalyst many of us are looking for.  The proverbial fork in the road is a real one and many are looking for someone to help them decide which way to go. A film such as this one can help those of us in positions of influence with the foundation to get the conversation started.

Seen the movie yet? What did you guys think of it?




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Not sure about putting images of anyone other than your kids on your body…but I am all down for the “rocker bolts and chains”…this is a  hot azz idea Bey !!!

Beyonce Tatt'd up!

Beyonce Tatt'd up!



Beyoncé Knowles and Tina Knowles and their licensing arm, Beyond Productions LLC, are teaming up with airbrush makeup firm Temptu to create a limited edition collection of temporary tattoos under the Deréon label.

“With a Sixties-pinup-girl meets-futuristic-biker-chick theme, Beyoncé and I really wanted to give our Deréon fall 2010 campaign a tough edginess,” said Tina Knowles, Deréon’s founder, creative director and designer. “We decided to invite Temptu to help us create custom body art for her to model with our fashions. The resulting images were so strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves.” The tattoos are due on Nov. 1, and are available in both deluxe and basic packages. Designs include Deréon’s signature fleur icon, rocker bolts and chains, jewel baubles and spider designs. All are waterproof and designed to last for two to five days.


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