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It’s probably the only thing more challenging than trucking  through the snow.  Buying snow tires, purchasing thermal underwear, chopping extra wood… many of us do our best to prepare for the fluffy goodness that is snow. Anticipating everything that could possibly go wrong so that we aren’t caught off guard is something many of us have learned over time right?

Then why is it every year almost all of us are disappointed when we find that perfect boot, ( you know the one that goes perfectly with that beautiful coat-scarf-hat combo you couldn’t wait to pull out of your closet ) ONLY to realize it absolutely, positively, WILL NOT fit around your calves!!! I mean, designers make shoes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles why don’t they consider “hey since our customers ALSO come in a variety of sizes, why not accommodate them as well”??

Too much like right I guess……

The good news is,  after a little finagling, I was able to find a couple of spots that offered a “wider” yet incredibly stylish selection of footwear that was just perfect for this years wintery season.

I found the cutest boot at Shoe Carnival. The brand was called NorthSide LTD . If you go online you will see the black and gray ones I went in the store and found a cute tan colored pair.  They have a padded collar with faux fur trim with just enough Nordic knit fabric to accent. Perfect for the snow, I can’t wait to pull these bad baby’s out.

My next stop was Rue 21 and while their selection of calf-friendly footwear was a little scarce, I did manage to find a gem in the middle of their incredibly huge selection of boots I personally couldn’t squeeze my grown a** calves in. Identified as a “Double Buckle Quilted Boot” this pair has a zipper on each side (one for decoration, the other for practicality) and had just the right amount of charm to convince me to add it to my closet. I believe you can find these on their website too.

Finally, I hit up my local Payless shoe store an found a simple almost knee length riding boot that will work out just fine for me!! Despite all the slack the store gets, they can always be counted on to offer the special sizes for those of us who are well…..special! LOL

And that’s just fine by me !!!

Happy shopping Winteresses!!  Large calves rule !!!!!!







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