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That’s the million dollar question! Picture this, a beautiful lady walking down the street wearing a pair of super cute knee-high boots, a nice denim jean, a pair of warm gloves, ear muffs, a set of cute dangley earrings, a nice turtleneck and………..a very fly but crop wasted jacket!

Now picture her walking in THE BLIZZARD FROM HELL!!!!



Every year we see this, and every year somebody struggles with the decision to look super cute or be appropriately warm. At the end of the day the decision solely rests at the feet of the wearer but for the sake of all that is healthy (especially if you have no HEALTH insurance) please KNOW you DO NOT have to forgo practicality for style. Designers all over the world, have seen your frostbite, your runny noses and your visits to the free clinic (no, not that one) and since the beginning of time are making outerwear that is both fashionable & weather-friendly.

Here’s a few options:

  • Boyfriend coat- which glides over your waist and hips and can be any length. Image
  • Wrap Coat- Similar to the wrap dress, this too will especially compliment the curvaceous.
  • Cape – This one is probably my favorite simply because if feeds my super woman complex.(shhhhh)
  • Parka- This woman is the traditional choice because it’s usually lined with some sort of down.Image
  • Pea or Military coat- Double breasted and usually hip length, this is a cute look for the person with a classic style.

    Kenneth Cole

    With all those options for you to pick from, I’m 100% positive your ready to set the world on fire with your style choices. Picking one that compliments your figure, your pockets and your body temperature can not only be practical but exciting & fun.



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