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So how many of you are excited about this year’s Super Bowl event? If you’re like me, the ads probably have you more excited than the actual game itself so you’re evening is definitely on lock tonight.

How many of you are ThisIsUs fans like I am?

If so, then you know tonight’s THEE night! You know the night IT happens! THAT moment that all of us have been eager to see (because we’re masochists). Right after tonight’s Patriot/Eagles showdown, we get a Pearson family treat that unlike other SuperBowl years, will have ALL OF US talking about last night’s event at the water cooler in the morning.

Sounds like the perfect night right? Wrong!!!!

Let me explain.

Today’s festivities usually include lots of food, family, fans and/or friends. A lot of us are hosting which means, we got up with the sun cleaning, cooking and preparing for the celebration. Add to that, the fact that we’re still dealing with the Winter curse of limited daylight (you know when it’s only 5:30, but it looks and feels like it’s 8pm). We won’t even talk about those of us who are on the East Coast!!!

My point is, some of us will struggle with staying awake long enough to watch the game, the commercials, AND ThisIsUs (not to mention the cast appearance on Jimmy Fallon on the same doggone night). As I sit here thinking (and typing) about it, I clearly understand I’m simply going to have to concede defeat either by falling asleep missing my favorite scripted show of all-time or sacrificing a good night’s sleep (much to my co-worker’s chagrin) in order to enjoy the event.

One thing is for sure, somebody else is cleaning the kitchen tonight!!!!!

Who’s staying up with me???








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